Download Now !

In order to play Ultimate Priston Tale, you need to download our client.
You can download it from link below.


1.) Locate the file which you downloaded from our site and execute (double-click with the mouse) the file:


If you agree with the terms, please continue by clicking Next. 2.) Set up where you would like to install your Priston Tale client.

By default, the installation folder should be:
C:\Program Files\Subagames\Pristontale

Once done, please press Next.

3.) Choose where you would like Priston Tale to be installed under the Start Menu/Program Files.

By default, the category should be “Subagames/Pristontale”. 4.) Select whether you would like to have a Desktop Shortcut and a Quicklaunch Shortcut set.

When you have made your selection, please press Next.

5.) The installation process will take from 3 to 4 minutes. As with the file extraction process, the actual time taken will vary depending on your computer system. 6.) Installation should now be complete.

See you in the world of Priston Tale!