Priston Tale

PristonTale is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that centers on action-based role-playing. It was originally released in South Korea, 2001, by Yedang Online.[1] It was created by Triglow Pictures Inc. (now known as Priston Inc.) and has since been published for Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, England, Philippines, Brazil and the Spanish-speaking countries.

In 2004, the English version of PristonTale went out of public beta (in which it had remained for nearly 2 years) and became a commercial pay-to-play game. On May 17, 2007, PristonTale announced free-to-play service for everyone; instead of paying for the game, PristonTale has a cash shop in which players can pay real money for game items. On September 30, 2008, the English server for Priston Tale closed; Suba Games opened a new English server three days later.

Once players have reached a high enough level they can select from a variety of sub-classes allowing them to specialize into a certain area more effectively. There are five main classes available in Priston Tale 2. These are; Warrior, Huntress, Knight, Disciple and Magician. These classes can then advance into more specific roles depending on the player’s choice.

Some of the features of PristonTale include a clan system, in-game shops, eight character classes – all of which can use every item available if they have the correct upgraded statistics (with the exception of armour, robes, and orbs) – a five-tiered skill system for each class, item upgrades, a simple yet involving battle system and an easy to use interface. PristonTale is also intensive in potion using, and dying is moderately easy. The experience loss per death also tends to climb quite steeply (experience loss is based on a percentage of obtained experience), mirroring the ever increasing experience needed to level.

Due to the old-style nature of the game and the heavy grind, the game’s current population is on a steady but rapid decline, with many players moving on to newer MMORPGs with more modern features. The active playerbase is estimated to be around 100 players as of November 2016.